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Return Policy

All orders are final, once the order is made it is no longer returnable unless authorized by the support and logistics department.

We have developed and used automated systems to ship products as quickly as possible to ensure timely reception of your order. If you have placed an order and wish to have it canceled, we will do our very best to process your cancellation request prior to your order shipping.

If your order has already shipped, the cancelation of the order cannot be effective.

A product can then only be returned once our qualified support staff issues a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Purchases can only be returned within 48 hours of arrival.

Once an authorization has been provided you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Return the package to the address given by the support representative.

  2. All returned packages must be via Priority mail with a tracking number.

  3. We highly recommend that when returning a package you insure it for its purchase price.

Insuring your package will minimize your liability while in transit, ensuring that any damage such as the box being damaged or any other circumstance during transit will be covered by the insurance you obtained.

Please make sure you follow the recommendations below:

  1. Fully inspect all deliveries before signing the receipt even if you do not plan on opening the package right away.

  2. Report any visible external damage to the product upon arrival contact our customer support team, providing a picture of the product.

  3. If the product does not appear to be suitable for consumption contact our customer support team, providing a picture of the product.

Products that are returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization issued by our Support Team will not be accepted. This also applies to packages returned without an RMA and that are damaged, altered, have broken seals and labels are considered non-resalable or not suitable for consumption. The aforementioned conditions voids the return policy.

Shipping and handling, postal and inspection charges are non-refundable.

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