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Brazilian Butt Lift Workouts You Can Do At Home

Brazilian Butt Lift Workouts You Can Do At Home

Instead of risking your health on plastic surgery that is invasive, costly, and unnatural looking, or having to battle with awkward butt pads to get the shape you want, consider adding Brazilian butt workouts to your exercise plan.

Brazilian women are well known for their shapely bodies and firm butts, and while the picturesque Rio Janeiro landscape may inspire one to stay in shape, you can still get the Brazilian butt of your dreams without traveling out of your home. Here are a few routines that can help boost your butt the Brazilian way.

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Why Does My Butt Need To Be Toned?

Your glutes will loosen and sag as you age and as you become less active physically. That results in a loss of tone and firmness on your butt. Being that your glutes are a muscle, albeit a very large one, they will respond quite well to exercises that focus on toning. Those who want a larger, firmer and perkier rear end will benefit greatly from our Brazilian butt workouts suggestions.

Rotating Clam Dig

This handy move will help loosen your hips, tone your butt, and strengthen your shoulders all without having to leave the comforts of home.

  • Lay on your side on the floor with your head resting in your left hand.
  • Your knees should be bent so that they are at a 45-degree angle.
  • Then hold a 5 lb weight in your free hand, holding your elbow at your side.
  • Raise your weighted arm and the corresponding leg in the air at 90-degrees.
  • Hold this position for 2-4 seconds and return to the starting position.
  • Complete 20 reps and switch to the other side.
Brazilian Butt Lift Touchdown
  • Stand up straight with your feet facing forward and shoulder with apart. Make sure your arms are at your sides and that your toes are pointing outwards.
  • Squat until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Move your left leg back into a deep reverse lunge, place your opposite hand on the floor for balance.
  • Put your left hand up with your palm facing outwards level with your face.
  • Move back to the starting position and repeat to complete 40 reps.
Brazilian Butt Lift Pile 20 Repetitions
  • Stand up straight with your feet facing forward and shoulder with apart. Make sure your arms are at your sides and that your toes are pointing outwards.
  • Roll your tailbone under your body and contract your glute muscles.
  • Lower your body into a pile squat as low as you possibly can without allowing your knees to pass the edge of your toes.
  • Bring your arms up to the height of your shoulders, with your hands facing down but held out in front of you.
  • Hold this position for 3-5 seconds then return to the starting position.
Brazilian Butt Lift Explosive Lunge
  • Pounce forward until your right leg is bent directly over your ankle at a 90-degree angle. Your left knee should be pointing towards the floor.
  • Jump straight up from that position using both feet.
  • While in midair, switch feet to land with your left foot in the forward lunge position.
  • Alternate sides and complete 30 reps.
Lateral Sliding Squat
  • Stand on a clear area with your toes pointing forward, your feet together, and your arms at your sides.
  • Place on foot on top of a small towel or other piece of smooth fabric.
  • Shift your weight to one leg, place on foot on the towel and bend your knee at a 45-degree angle.
  • Slowly slide your foot on the towel out to the side as far as possible while remaining comfortable and hold it for a count of 5.
  • Slowly bring it back to the starting position over the count of 4.
  • Repeat 15 reps and switch to the other side and repeat.
Progression Hip-Lift

A great way to get in a great Brazilian butt workout and reduce tension on your lower back area at the same time is by adding progression hip lifts to your at home workout routine.

  • Lay on your back on top of a soft mat.
  • Hold your arms to your sides and bend your knees placing your feet on the floor.
  • Gently lift your hips towards the sky, holding for a count of 2 at the crux, and then slowly lower your body back to the floor.
Bulgarian Split Squat

You would never think that one of the best ways to a Brazilian butt is through Bulgaria. Well, not actually Bulgaria, but with a split squat of that name.

  • Place the ball of your right foot on a platform area slightly behind your, then place most of your weight on your left foot which should be just in front of the same platform.
  • Bend your knee so that you are performing a single leg squat while keeping your core very tight.
  • Go as low as two inches above the floor and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position and switch to the other side.
  • Complete 35 reps for each side.

How Often Should I Workout Butt?

You should follow our list of butt lifting exercises at least four times a week, with a rest day after every two days. This allows your legs time to recover and also gives you a chance to focus on toning other areas of your body. Since most of these moves also burn high amounts of calories, you may even notice a drop in body fat over time. Make sure to always pay close attention to your form to ensure that each move results in an effective burn and brings you that much closer to the Brazilian butt of your dreams.

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