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11 Sports That Give You A Full Body Workout

11 Sports That Give You A Full Body Workout

There are so many exercises that focus on fat loss out there that it’s easy to get lost among so many choices. There are workouts that target your glutes, that target your bum, and even workouts that target your belly and lower back! While all of these choices allow you to work on specific areas, there may come a time when you want to simplify your routine by incorporating an exercise that gives you a full body workout.

What Is A Full Body Workout Exactly?

A full body workout is exactly what it sounds like, to specify, it should comprise of activities that are easy to learn. A full body workout should also work on several different muscle groups while improving your muscle tone and muscle strength over time. You don’t have to head to the gym or own expensive equipment just to get a comprehensive workout, in fact, there are many sports that will offer the same full body workout that you would get in the

Here are eleven sports that will give you a full body workout for fitness enthusiast and beginners alike. So if you are interested in an effective yet fun sport that provides a full-body workout, you are in the right place.


Rock climbing is a great way to work out in a less than traditional fashion, especially if you want to take your workout to the next level. Bouldering is basically rock climbing without the aid of safety gear such as a harness or tethers. There is a much higher risk of injury in this sport so you can stick to the man-made bouldering walls that are found at climbing clubs or even in some college gyms. This will allow you to engage all of your muscles while also testing your mental fortitude. Bouldering is truly a full body workout that will have you feeling the burn by the time you reach the top.


It’s probably not a surprise that this one made our list. Swimming has always been a favorite among athletes who want to add a sport to their fitness routine, and this is one that will provide a workout for the whole body. Swimming is a great way to limit the strain your joints if you are injured or recovering, while also working out every muscle group in your body. You can swim any time of the year and have fun while you get fit.


Tennis is another great sport that is aerobic in nature, but also will provide you with a full body workout. On average, a person can burn 600 calories by playing tennis for just one hour! You will get to use all of your muscle groups thanks to the serves, pivots, slams, jumps, and sprints that are involved with keeping the ball in play.


This is a great sport for those who like to exercise with a group without the feeling of being led by a drill sergeant. Playing basketball will rev up your heart rate, warm your muscles and strengthen your core thanks to all the dips and dives you take as you shot to score. You will also be able to improve your spatial awareness, coordination and complex decision making which is an added bonus.

Nordic Skiing

According to Outside Online, this is one of hardest outdoor sports to engage in. This cross-country sport forces you to use every muscle in your body to become a skilled participant. In order to perform well, you will need to learn how to skate and how to ski classically, as well as learn several techniques for each field to amplify your skill level. Nordic works the quads, core, glutes, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings and biceps that give you a total body workout that is certain to leave you sore in the morning.


For those wanting to get in motion while still working on training their entire body, cycling is the perfect sport. Outdoor cycling is typically seasonal and centered around the spring months, but you can cycle indoors at any of the millions of spin classes held in gyms across the country. Cycling is known to increase your cardiovascular fitness, and it also offers a great boost in your muscle strength and muscle flexibility. Being that cycling is a low impact sport, it can be performed by just about anyone.


It should come as no surprise that volleyball is included on our list of full body workout sports. Volleyball targets each area of your body during gameplay and will result in an increased metabolic rate, stronger muscles, higher levels of coordination, & control, and improved agility. Of course, all while burning bucket loads of calories.


This is a sport that provides a total body workout though it may not be a sport for everyone. In order to excel in gymnastics, you must be flexible, strong and have great balance. Gymnastics is a great way to build core strength, tone muscles, burn fat and increase your overall endurance. You can learn a lot about your body during gymnastics which will give you greater control over your movements. This in turn will help you get the most out of your workouts.


Wrestling is probably not what comes to mind when you think about sports that target the whole body. This low impact sport targets all of your major muscle groups while also increasing endurance, tone, flexibility, and strength. Your core gets a great boost since you have to hold several poses and locks on your opponent in order to win the match. You will also need a high amount of flexibility to contort your body in ways that will make it hard for your opponent to score points. The icing on the cake is the defensive skills that you carry with you at all times as a result of your wrestling practice.


Squash has held the top spot in the healthy sports category for many years, and with the total body workout it offers it's easy to understand why. Squash works on each part of your body to boost power, upgrade strength, and increase your overall flexibility. Being that it is also an aerobic sport, it’s a great way to burn calories if you are looking to lose weight. For those who love team sports, it’s also a great choice since you can put your performance against that of your competitors.

Figure Skating

Figure skating may seem like an effortless sport, but we can attest to the fact that it is anything but easy. Can you imagine the muscle control, core strength, upper and lower body strength needed to perform delicate moves on ice? All while smiling and balancing on a thin blade? Figure skating is near the top of the list when it comes to full body workouts that are extremely difficult but have a high health payoff in the form of a full body workout.

Enjoy Your Sport

For those looking for a new sport to add to their workout routine, or if you just want to try something new, our list of sports that offer a total body workout is a great place to start. Each one offers its own unique challenges while working out each muscle group on your body. They are all great ways to increase your endurance, tone your body, and strengthen your core while having fun. No matter which sport you choose, make sure that you supplement your workout with a healthy diet to boost results and consider adding an appetite suppressant to help control cravings.

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