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10 After Workout Snacks To Help Boost Your Metabolism

10 After Workout Snacks To Help Boost Your Metabolism

Most people tend to generate an appetite after working out in the gym and it’s important to remember that what goes in your body after your routine will greatly affect your results. It’s essential to refuel after your workout so that your muscles have the tools they need to repair themselves, and according to the Mayo Clinic, a mix of carbs and protein will offer the most effective results. If you are looking for ideas on which snacks will keep your metabolism burning while refueling your body, check out our list of the best 10 snacks to eat after your workout.


Muscle growth comes from exercise, but your body needs proteins in order to build on existing muscles and recover after each workout session. Eating protein after every workout will help prevent the loss of lean muscle mass and boost your after workout metabolism.

1- Eggs

Consuming a full egg after your workout is a great source of protein that will fill your body with energy, but not with a lot of empty calories. The yolk in eggs also helps stimulate muscles which results in a continuous burn well after your body is at rest.

2- Fish

Eating fish after your workout will invigorate your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids that help your body build lean muscle and repair cells damaged during exercise. Salmon is the best source, and tuna is a close second, both of which offer a high level of protein per serving but very little in the way of fat in the same serving.

3- Dairy

Dairy is another great source of protein and as little as 10 grams after a workout is enough to boost your metabolism and stimulate your muscles recovery complex. Whole milk, cheese, or low-fat kefir are great sources of dairy based protein that will boost recovery without adding extra calories to your diet.


Macronutrients in the form of carbohydrates are essential after a workout to restore the fuel supply in your body. This allows you to keep your glycogen levels stable, maintain your rate of fat burn, and helps manage your hunger.

4- Quinoa

Quinoa has been making rounds on the health circuit for quite some time and with good reason. It’s a gluten free carbohydrate that is full of fiber and protein. If you need to regulate your blood sugar while also boosting your metabolism, an after workout snack of quinoa is a great way to help your body recover without increasing your levels.

5- Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the oldest complex carbohydrates around. Not only is packed with clean carbs, but it also has about 13% of the fiber you need daily in each serving. When you combine clean carbs and fiber, your result is a meal that boosts your metabolism into overdrive. Oatmeal helps keep your sugar levels in check, your belly full, and is perfect for an after workout snack.

Mini Meals

6- Whole Wheat & Tuna Sandwich

Hearty sandwich after your workout is a great way to satiate your hunger and boost your metabolism in the process. Mixing carbs and protein into a delicious sandwich made of fresh tuna, olive oil, and lemon juice in-between two slices of whole wheat bread is the perfect mouth-watering mini meal to help your body recover. 4 ounces of fresh tuna and two slices of whole wheat bread only have 265 calories.

7- Pita & Hummus

One way to get your fix of after workout carbohydrates and proteins are by having a mini meal made of Hummus and pita bread. Hummus is a ground mixture of spices and chickpeas. These tasty legumes offer both protein and carbs to help fuel your muscles. Pita bread, especially whole wheat pita bread is a great way to release energy into your system over time while keeping you full. A half cup of hummus and 1 whole pita bread only has about 275 calories.

8- Cheese, Turkey & Apple Slices

For those who want to avoid bread but still want to have a healthy after workout mini meal, then eating the fillings instead is a perfect alternative. Any natural soft cheese paired with a few slices of lean turkey slices make a great protein boost, while a whole apple sliced into bite-sized pieces with a side of natural honey as a dip is just the right type of energy-boosting carbs your body needs. 4 oz of lean turkey slices, 2 cheese wedges, and an apple are just shy of 250 calories.

More Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

9- Peppers

It may seem strange to find peppers on this list, but instead of eating them alone, you should add them to your after workout meals to double up on their metabolism boosting properties. Peppers are loaded with capsaicin, which is a thermogenic compound that increases your body temperature temporarily. When your temperature is raised in this way, you burn more energy, which translates to a faster metabolism and more weight loss even after are you have completed your workout.

10- Herbal Tea

Many herbal teas contain compounds that have been proven to help the body break down protein and carbohydrates more effectively. A great way to boost your metabolism is by drinking a large bottle of natural herbal iced tea infused with fresh lemon slices and sweetened with honey, or by having a large mug of steaming herbal tea for the same effect. This will help your body to process your after workout snacks more effectively while also giving your metabolism an extra kick.

Get Started

Your body is most in need of nutrients 15- 30 minutes after you have finished exercising. You should have a balanced snack of no more than 200 calories that consist of carbs and protein to help you rebuild, repair and re-energize.

To support your body goals and to help boost your metabolism, consider adding an appetite suppressant supplement to your diet as well.

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