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The #1 Rule for Fat Loss – Consistency

The #1 Rule for Fat Loss – Consistency

Statistics show that more people are suffering from obesity today than ever before. In fact, an analysis revealed that around a fifth of all adults across the globe will be obese by 2025. When it comes to countering weight gain and maintaining an ideal BMI that is below 25 , there is one factor that can swing things in your favor – consistency. From maintaining a nutritious diet and sleep schedule to developing a steady exercise routine, being consistent is the key to successful and sustainable fat loss.

Sticking with Exercise Routines

Regular exercise is an important part of any weight loss plan, but people often give up because they do not see the results they had hoped for or the monotony of doing the same exercises day after day gets to them. Here’s how you can make sticking to an exercise routine easy, so you can be consistent while gunning for your fat loss goals.

  • Create a targeted exercise plan:Include multiple types of workout routines in your fitness regimen. If needed, seek help from a trainer to set up a workout routine best suited to help you reach your weight loss goals. Begin with cardio training as it keeps your metabolism strong and burns calories, too. Start with just 30 minutes of cardio before breakfast daily.
  • Resistance or strength training: Shape your body as these exercises work your lean muscles while increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Training with weights should ideally be done 3-5 times a week, depending on your exact goals. Make sure to include some flexibility training in your sessions, too.
  • Keep it interesting: The key to exercising regularly is to ensure that working out does not get boring. So keep incorporating different exercises in your schedule and vary the intensity as you get used to a particular workout. Even if you do not feel like hitting the gym, go for a brisk walk or run at your usual workout time.
  • Maintain consistency in exercise: Weekends may seem like a good time to reward yourself and skip exercising after a week of intense workout sessions. However, this can be dangerous as varying your exercise schedule suddenly may put additional stress on your muscles, which can lead to injuries.

To have a higher chance of success, set small goals that are achievable, like one 10-minute session every week. Gradually increase the number and duration of sessions to develop the habit of exercising daily. This is a sure-shot way of building consistency in your workout schedule and thus, achieving your weight loss target.

Diet and Nutrition

It is often said that successful weight loss is 25% exercise and 75% diet. This shows the important role your diet plays when you are trying to shed those pounds. Just like with exercising, diet consistency is the key to getting maximum benefits out of your diet.

  • Avoid fad diets: This is the first rule for successful and long-term weight loss, as fad diets are anything but consistent for your body. Fad diets make your body lose water, not fat. While you may feel like you have lost weight immediately after starting such diets, the difference is due to the loss in water content. This just makes you feel dehydrated, and may even lead to muscle loss. Furthermore, the loss of water makes you crave food so you end up reaching for unhealthy but easily available junk options to indulge in. It is needless to say that binge eating is counter-productive to your weight loss plan.
  • Make small but real changes: It is important to understand that losing weight is a long-term process rather than an overnight one. So, start by adding one nutritious food item to your diet instead of changing it completely. Instead of reaching for that bowl of ice cream, opt for a bowl of fresh fruit for dessert. Small changes lead to big results.
  • Adapt your meal plan: Based on your specific goals, carveeee out a diet plan that is achievable. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time so you do not end up gorging on a bag of chips to satiate that mid-day hunger. Cooking at home is also quite helpful as it gives you better control over what you eat. Aim to eat multiple healthy but small meals spaced out evenly throughout the day instead of binging on a couple of big meals.

Proven Tips and Tricks to Fat Loss

In addition to maintaining stability in your workout and diet, there are a few other things that can aid fat loss.

Get Adequate Rest

Giving your body time to rest is vital. Not only does adequate sleep promote good health and skin, but it is also indispensable when you want to bid adieu to extra weight. Your muscles require adequate rest so as to heal properly after exercise. Go to bed and wake up regularly at the same time. You will get up feeling energized and ready to take on the new day. Getting enough rest also ensures that your stress levels are under control. Excessive stress has been linked to weight gain and mental health disorders.

Track Your Progress

Keep journals to record your workout schedules as well as food plans. This is an excellent way to figure out what works for your body and what needs to be changed.

Knowing that you have to jot down whatever you are eating will also help you avoid unhealthy foods, and lead to fewer cheat days. Moreover, journaling acts as a great motivator as you will be able to see where you started and how far you have reached by consistently sticking to your fat loss regimen.

Fat Loss is Within Reach

Fat loss is within reach when you set tangible goals and consistently work hard to reach them. Through consistently incorporating an appetite suppressant and starting an authorized Phen375 diet and workout plan you can expect to successfully lose fat with confidence.