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Fall Fitness Tricks and Tips

Unconsciously munching in the fall can often lead to unwanted weight gain without it being noticed. However, making healthy food choices promotes your well-being and keeps you fit and energized all season long.

Fall is one of the most awaited seasons thanks to the family-friendly holidays, good food, and blissfully cooler weather. While you may be dreaming of buckets of candy, turkey and spiced lattes, we have a few tips and tricks that will help you maintain your fitness this fall season.

Enjoy The Glow Of Fall

Fall is one of the most picturesque times of the year, the crisp air paired with the colors autumn make for the perfect backdrop for just about any fitness routine you can think of. Now that the weather has cooled, it’s a great time to spend time outside biking, running, playing outdoor sports or even something as simple as hiking through the woods. Exercise and fitness don’t have to be found only in the gym, getting active and heading outdoors is a great way to jumpstart your fall fitness goals while still enjoying the season.

Overhaul Your Outfits

As the cool weather comes in, it’s important to change your wardrobe accordingly. Not only does it help keep seasonal illnesses at bay, but the way you dress also has a direct impact on your fitness levels. Lower outdoor temperatures often make people want to stay inside curled around a warm, and often sugary drink. Dressing for the season helps you keep your body at a comfortable temperature, which will also encourage you to head outside to stick to your planned fitness routine.

Let Fall Be Your Fitness Head Start

If you want to get in shape over the winter, getting started in the fall is the best time to start. It takes your body about a month to adjust to a new fat loss diet or a new training routine so starting in the fall will help you prepare to really feel the burn in the winter. The winter season is full of holidays and calories, getting into the habit of healthy eating will better prepare you to train all winter long.

Work Out While You Veg Out

Fall days tend to be shorter with less daylight, if heading out to the gym while it’s still dark doesn’t appeal to you, turn your free time at home into fitness time. This is also great for those days when it’s just too wet or too cold to head outdoors. It’s easy to get caught up in the couch potato lifestyle in the all thanks to all the new shows you may want to catch up on, instead of laying around while you binge watch Game of Thrones, clear a space in front of the tube and get in your daily workout while simultaneously getting your screen time.

Add Variety

It’s easy to get stuck doing the same routine over and over. When Fall rolls around, take the new season as an opportunity to change your fitness routine. Add indoor classes like yoga or pilates , along with outdoor activities like biking, bat mitten, and cross-country. Start early in the morning if you usually work out in the afternoon during the hotter months. Morning and bedtime workouts help you to make fitness a priority all day long.

Fall Tips For Healthy Eating

You can maintain your fall fitness goals easily by reducing junk food , empty calories foods, and sugary comfort food by replacing them with healthy alternatives. Starting early allows you to stay fit all year and avoid many common fitness pitfalls that can derail a healthy eating plan. Here are a few tricks and tips for healthy eating this fall.

  • Pack your own healthy snacks – an apple, a handful of nuts, or 6-8 ounces of Greek yogurt with blueberries can provide you with a boost of energy and take the edge off your hunger between meals so you won’t have to resort to the vending machine.
  • Make your pumpkin count - Pumpkin is par for the course once fall rolls around, it’s full of flavor, short on calories, and chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants your body needs. Instead of opting for flavored pumpkin lattes, cheesecakes, and other imitation, stick to the real thing. Add a bit of pumpkin into your daily cooking, roast, and flavor the seeds for a handheld snack, or even boil and mash it up to make a homemade vitamin rich pie for the holidays.
  • Eat your dinner off of a salad plate –
  • studies show that eating off of a smaller plate can help you lose weight since it’s more likely you’ll notice you’re already full before grabbing seconds and overeating.
  • Drink tea - Natural tea such a green or black tea has a lot of antioxidants that help prevent illness and boost your energy levels. Drinking tea will also help you reduce or resist your cravings for trendy sugary drinks.
  • Order an appetizer as your entrée - at restaurants, even salads can have hundreds of extra calories, so your best bet when eating out is to choose an appetizer (not fried, of course). Its smaller size will help you control your caloric intake. If the lunch special is just too tempting, split it with a friend.
  • Set yourself up for success - keeping sugary and high-calorie foods and drinks in your fridge is only going to work against you. Trade them in for calorie-free flavored waters, unsweetened teas, and fresh fruits and veggies so you’ll avoid temptation at home.
  • Add an appetite control supplement to your diet - getting the support you need to help maintain your weight is more easily achieved with the help of an appetite suppressant during.

Take Control and Reach Your Body Goals This Fall

The fall months are also the best time to start a new fitness plan and to experience great fat loss , not only will you be laying the foundation with healthy habits for the winter, but you will also get yourself ahead of the New Year’s fitness rush. With all of the above tips, there is no reason you will fall behind on your fitness this fall. If you need a little bit of motivation, consider getting a personal trainer or working out with a friend.

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