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Can pole dancing help you burn fat

Can Pole Dancing Help You Burn Fat?

For most people, fat loss is synonymous with tedious hours of working out at the gym or living on a sparse diet of greens. But with the not-so-new fitness trend of pole dancing you can burn fat in a fun and exciting way. Pole dancing is no longer associated with scantily-clad women performing at strip clubs. In fact, pole fitness , as it is called, is fast gaining popularity as a sports and fitness routine.

Pole dance may even be a sports feature in the Olympics soon. Now a mainstream fitness activity, pole dancing combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, thereby creating a perfect recipe for all your fat burning needs.

Muscles Targeted During Pole Dancing

The pole dancing of today is a blend of traditional Chinese and Indian routines along with elements of other exotic dances. Practiced by both men and women, pole dancing is a full-body workout that combines both cardio exercising and strength training to give you a toned and defined profile. The dancing has been proven to help you burn fat all over by targeting specific muscles in your body depending on the type of movement you are practicing.

  • Arms and shoulders: Pole fitness is largely a workout aimed at the upper body, since you will be hauling yourself up and maneuvering the steel pole using your arms. This means that your shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps all get a good workout as you learn a variety of interesting moves. At the same time, simply climbing up the pole works your entire body.
  • Core and abdominal muscles: Managing yourself on a pole requires good balance, which in turn challenges and works your core muscles. That flat tummy you were wishing for will be easier to achieve with the lifts and upside-down movements involved in pole fitness since these positions provide resistance to your belly area.
  • Back: Working the pole involves the use of the muscles both in your upper and lower back. This effectively gets rid of fat and builds a toned back that you can flaunt. The deltoids, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles are all exercised as you climb, recline, and invert your body on the pole. A combination of various movements on the pole helps significantly strengthen your back, which also serves to reduce the risk of injury during workouts.
  • Lower Body: Squatting, jumping, and pivoting are all part of a usual pole fitness routine, so you know your legs are getting a good workout with every session. Moves that work the best on your legs include high kick holds, body rolls, serpents, and icons. As you climb the pole and perform hands-free moves, your entire lower body including the quads, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors are targeted. Since your glute muscles are worked too, a toned butt is a part of the deal.

Benefits of Pole Dancing as Exercise

Intense exercising is often associated with physical pain - no pain, no gain, right? But with pole fitness, burning fat is not only fun but can also have the added benefit of helping you manage pain better. Reports suggesting that this exercise form can even help those with chronic pain. Other benefits of pole dancing include:

  • Fat burning: This is, of course, the biggest benefit of pole dancing and the reason why you are even reading this article in the first place. Although the actual figures may vary based on individual physique, pole dancing is known to burn approximately 400 calories per hour, even at a beginner’s level. This makes it a much quicker way of burning fat as compared to other workout routines. Studies comparing the amount of energy used during an hour of pole dancing with other exercise routines show that a 60-minute pole dancing session burns the same amount of energy as you would expend during a rigorous body pump class or a 30-minute run at 10mph.
  • Builds endurance: Since pole fitness works on your core muscles, it helps boost your metabolism and endurance, thus helping you stay fitter. And since it is a fun workout, you will not even realize how much you are putting into the exercise as you dance and jump around – a better deal over those strenuous, seemingly-slow routines any day.
  • Improves flexibility: This is an obvious benefit, with all the twisting, climbing, and maneuvering movements that pole dancing entails. The consistent stretching of your limbs not only makes you more flexible, but also boosts muscle, bones, and joint health.
  • Mental health benefits: A workout that is fun and makes you feel good about your body no matter what your body type is – such a routine is bound to make you feel better about yourself. Pole dancing is known to offer a host of mental health benefits, too. It not only makes you more confident, but also fights stress with the production of euphoria-inducing endorphins.

Explore A New Form of Fitness Today

Pole dancing is an effective workout that does not feel like exercise. Instead, you get to learn a new hobby that makes you feel sexy and confident, what is not to love about it? In addition, you will have access to a fun and growing community of pole fitness lovers to provide you with all the support and motivation you need.

Pole dance training is a win-win when you are trying to shed pounds the fun way. And with the support of Phen375 helping you control your appetite , you’re bound to get in the best shape of your life faster than ever before. Keep in mind that just like any other exercise routine, pole dancing has to be complemented with a balanced nutritious diet so you do not end up consuming all the calories you just burned.