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10 Comfort Foods To Avoid During Cold Weather Months

Fall and winter are seasons for family, warm ciders and all manner of cold weather comfort food that you have been waiting the entire year to consume. Most recipes can be subbed with healthy alternatives, but for meals served at family get togethers, local coffee shops, or even at your favorite diner, the only option is to abstain or going all in. While indulging a bit for the season is par for the course, there are some foods you should avoid. A lot of your cold weather favorites have found their way onto our list, so make sure you check them out before you hit the buffet table.

Soup From The Can

When cold weather hits, there is nothing more comforting than a nice hot bowl of soup. Making your own can be time-consuming, so many people opt for the premade canned versions. Unfortunately, these soups are full of sodium, acids and even BPA which are all harmful to your health. Consider making a big pot of stew or soup on the weekends, and freezing it in smaller portions to reheat when you get hungry.

Candy Apples

These are a favorites for kids and adults alike. Apples themselves can be healthy, but when you cover them with caramel, candy, chocolate, and marshmallows, you are asking for trouble. Instead of packing on the calories, opt for sliced and peeled apples with a side of melted chocolate or warm caramel dipping sauce instead.

Designer Drinks

Of course, this was going to make it on our list at some point right? We won’t call out any names, but those designer pumpkin, spice, frappe, whip lattes, and drinks are nothing but delicious cups of saturated fat, calories, and sugar served up on a cold day. When you drink these overloaded brews, your brain has the same reaction to sugar as it would to various addictive drugs. Opt for regular coffee with a sprinkle of spice, but leave the overload to Instagram this season.

Baked Treats

Along with football season comes the baking season which starts just after labor day. There is nothing more wholesome than spending time in the kitchen making treats for the family. However, most baked goods are full of sugar, fat and extra calories that you just don’t need this season.

Apples, Potatoes & Green Beans

Since fresh fruit is usually healthy, you may be wondering how apples, potatoes, and beans made it onto our list. Fresh fruit and veggies, including the crispy apple, ranks high on the list or produce that is saturated with harmful pesticides. If you do choose to grab this crispy treat, opt for organic, or peeling your product prior to eating them.

Candy Corn

This one is hardly surprising, candy corn is mainly nothing but pure sugar, which isn’t good for anyone. Candy corn is made from corn syrup or honey along with a dash of food coloring to give it that festive look. Candy corn is a fat-free food so it will create an immediate spike in your blood sugar with a whopping 28 grams of sugar in each serving.

Granola, Protein & Snack Bars

Getting rid of junk food like chips and soda are a great way to boost your health and lose weight . It’s common for people to replace those items with what they assume are healthy options, such as granola bars, protein bars or other various snack bars. While these may seem like great choices, a lot of these meal bars have the same or even more added sugars and calories than a regular candy bar. Before you toss a pile of “healthy” snacks on your desk or in your bag, make sure to read through its list of ingredients.

Chicken Pot Pie & Beef Pot Pie

Pot pies are among the topmost consumed cold weather comfort foods in the United States, they are also one of the top things you should avoid eating this season. The store-bought pot pies are usually full of hormone filled chicken or beef, over boiled vegetables, and large amounts of heavy cream. All these calorie filling ingredients are then placed inside a puff pastry and topped with a generous dollop of butter. While certainly appetizing, your arteries will thank you for skipping this comfort food.

Buffalo Wings

Cold weather brings with it the football season, and all of those fingers licking good snack foods that go with watching the big game. Buffalo wings & chicken wings are one of the worst foods you will come across this season They are loaded down in fat and calories thanks to the bucket loads of sauce they are drenched in on top of them having already been fried and dipped in eggs. Of course, you don’t have to give up chicken with your game completely, instead, opt for baking or grilling your wings with lighter seasoning.

Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is typically hailed as a healthy option for breakfast and snacks. During cold weather, more people turn to yogurt in an effort to offset other heavy food choices or to help regulate the enzymes in the gut that aid with digestion. While it does contain much-needed calcium and bacteria that help keep you healthy, yogurt with added flavor also increases the amount of sugar you are packing into your body. Instead, once rolls around, opt for plain yogurt with cut fresh fruit on the top for a healthy meal on the go.

Enjoy Cold Weather Comfort Food In Moderation

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet, but welcoming cold weather has its own joys and delicious fare. Now is the perfect time to eat with the family, enjoy time together, and of course, have fun creating healthy meals out of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We hope our list of cold weather comfort foods you should avoid will help you to make better meal choices for you and your family this season.