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Top 9 Exercises Best for Building Muscle

Top 9 Exercises Best for Building Muscle

We’ve all embarked upon a personal health journey to reach our body goals. Our goals are just as unique as our fingerprints and can include weight loss, endurance, flexibility, or building strength. No matter what your body and lifestyle goals may be, building muscle will most likely play a major role in helping you reach them.

Bodybuilders seeking to bulk up and build muscle in every area of their body may spend several hours a day in the gym, while those looking to tone up may opt for a much shorter daily muscle building routine. At Phen375, we are committed to helping you reach your body goals faster than ever, through our targeted workouts and strategic diet plans formulated to work with our appetite suppressant supplement .

We have put together a list of some of the best exercises to help you build muscle, with and without equipment.

Top 6 Gym Muscle Building Exercises

Your body uses muscle to move. Here are the top 6 muscle building workouts and the specific areas of your body they each target to help you get faster results.

Dips - upper body, arms

Dips are to the upper body what squats are for the lower body. Dips target the muscles in your shoulders, triceps, and chest which will lead to a thick layer of muscle over time. In most cases, dips are performed using a parallel bar that is specifically made for a dipping station.

Deadlift - back, legs, thighs, arms

This is the king of strength training exercises. In most cases, deadlifts are completed on a squat rack with a barbell or other, centered weight. This exercise is designed to engage a wide range of muscles including your legs, thighs and buttocks.

Weighted squats - lower body

Squats are the number one exercise when it comes to bodybuilding and muscle building. This exercise targets your core and lower body creating a burn that builds muscle with every rep. The more advanced you are in your training, the heavier the weight you will need to build bulk.

Bench press - upper body

This exercise is purely designed to help build muscle. There are many variations to the bench press that will allow you to work out each muscle group on your upper body. The flat bench dumbbell bench press, the flat bench barbell press, incline dumbbell bench press, and incline bench barbell press are all guaranteed to bulk up your upper body in no time.

Rows - full body

Building muscle is not only for your arms and legs, but it's also important to target your upper and lower back as well to help support the weight of your body and to strengthen your core. Rows with dumbbell and barbells such as the original T-bar rows are a great exercise to build the muscle in your upper back area, while seated cable rows are a good way to target the upper and lower back areas.

Side Bends - core, back

Another great way to target your core and build muscle around your midsection is through side bends. This exercise helps to improve the stability of your core, builds your oblique’s and enhances your overall compound exercises performance.

Top 3 Equipment-Free Muscle Building Exercises

Going to the gym should not be a hindrance when looking to build muscle. These 3 great exercises can be completed at home or in a hotel room, using your own body weight, and without any special equipment.


Squats are a great exercise to add to your muscle building routine if you want to make real progress over time. It’s an easy exercise to perform at every fitness level and as you progress on your muscle building journey you can convert to more challenging versions.

Performing squats are simple, just stand in any clear space with your hands out in front of your body and your feet spread at shoulder width apart. Torque your hips backward while bending at the knee and squat down as low as possible, then proceed to pop up to the starting position.


By focusing at least 75% of your time and energy on cardio, you will notice your muscle tone improve, fat drop off, and your bulk increase. When you run or speed walk pull your belly into your core. This will help you improve your strength and build muscle at the same time.


Pushups are a really great way to build muscle on your upper body without the need of extra equipment. This exercise targets your triceps, core, chest, and shoulders making it the perfect exercise for major muscle building. For beginners, you can start off with the modified version using the bent knee method until you have built enough core strength and bulk to accommodate the regular version. For veteran’s, if you need a challenge, consider doing push-ups on an incline, or adding the scissor kick method to each rep.

Muscle Building The Right Way

Building muscle takes a combination of patience, proper diet, and regular exercise. To build muscle you’ll need a combination of carbohydrates and protein to feed your muscle growth and also an appetite suppressant, like Phen375, to keep junk food cravings at bay. Always speak to your doctor before beginning any intense workout regime to ensure your body body is up for the challenge.

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