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Shared Your Abs in 20 Minutes A Day

Shared Your Abs in 20 Minutes A Day

Numerous products in the market promise to give you ‘washboard abs in six weeks.’ From print advertisements to television commercials, tight and well-sculpted abs are pretty much everywhere. While many products and services promise you that elusive six-pack, most of them sound too good to be true. And that is because they are. Getting shredded abs requires hard work but if you know what to do, it is actually quite easy to strengthen your core and get to your goal.

The first thing to know is that visible cuts and abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen which means that your diet plays a large part in getting you the body you want. Choose a diet that focuses on maintaining a low body weight. Complement your diet with this 20 minute workout for abs that will make everyone else go green with envy.

Bicycle crunches

According to a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), bicycle crunches are the most effective type of ab workout you could do. Bicycle crunches use every single one of your ab muscles, including the ones that need to be exercised to shred your abs.

Lie down on your back with your legs in the air, and place your fingertips behind your ears. Hold your core tight, lift up one shoulder while straightening the other leg. Rotate your body while raising the other knee. At each rotation, reach your elbow toward the raised knee.

Alternative to captain’s chair

The goal of this exercise is to leave your legs down straight and then raise your knees up to your chest and back down again. The captain’s chair is recognized as the second best exercise to get drool worthy abs. It engages your abs as well as your oblique muscles. There is no reason you cannot get the benefits of this exercise while working out at home.

Sit straight on your couch or chair with your hands behind your head. Hold your core muscles, keep your back straight, and slowly raise your knees towards your chest. You can extend your legs to make this exercise more challenging. Ensure that you do not swing your legs or curve your back while doing this alternative exercise.

Crunches with the help of an exercise ball

This exercise rounds off the top 3 of the ACE list. As compared to conventional crunches, crunches on a medicine ball serve to engage the core better. It is as simple as doing basic crunches but while balancing on a ball. Instead of working on your abs and oblique muscles together, this variation targets your smaller ab muscles more effectively.

Vertical leg crunches

Vary your abs routine with the vertical leg crunch – similar to a regular crunch, this one ensures that you keep your legs perpendicular to the mat for a more intense workout. If you find it difficult to keep your legs together while doing the crunch, cross them at the ankles for more stability. Since this is an advanced version of a crunch, you may not be able to raise your upper back off the ground at first – but keep trying and one day you will be able too.

Toe touch planks

Get into regular planking position. Lift your feet and place them on top of a workout stool or box. Stay in plank position, extend one foot to the side and dip our foot so that your toes touch the ground. Bring the foot back to the box, and do the same with the other foot.

Flutter kicks

Lie down flat on the yoga mat. Stabilize your core, lower back, and buttocks. Raise your upper back slightly, and begin flutter kicks by alternately lifting one leg after the other. This exercise targets your lower abs and hip flexors, and is a fantastic calorie burner to boot.

Long arm crunches

Another variation to the conventional crunch, this one helps you tone your lower abs and smaller ab muscles. Lie flat with your feet on the floor, and bend your knees for support. Extend your hands straight up behind your head. Flatten your arms against your ears, and lace your fingers with each other. Use your abs to lift your shoulders off the ground, hold, and come back to your initial position.

  • Before you start this routine, set a timer for 20 minutes. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 second break in between.
  • Keep doing these exercises in a fast-paced intense circuit till the timer runs out.
  • Ensure that you are using your core and maintaining tension for every repetition. This will make you feel the burn but that is the way to shred your abs and get the body you want.
  • If you do cramp and find it difficult to complete another repetition, stop for a couple of breaths while keeping your ab muscles tensed, then continue with the set.

Get Started

Complete this circuit four times a week, eat a low body weight diet, add a little cardio to your daily routine, and you will have a strong core and abs to die for in no time.

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