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How Push Ups Can Lift Your Boobs

How Push Ups Can Lift Your Boobs

When you think about getting a strong upper body or chest, the first exercise that comes to mind are push ups. Push ups target your shoulders, triceps and pectoral muscles which helps to tone, lift, and strengthen your upper body as well as help you lose fat. So for women seeking to firm their breast area, or increase the size of their chest, push ups are a logical choice.

While push ups don’t directly aid in fat loss they are excellent for toning your upper body. Here’s what you need to know about push ups and how they can help you achieve the lift and shape you desire.

The Purpose Of A Pushup

Pushups are intended to be a total workout for your upper body and a way to strengthen your core. They improve your posture, help you stand tall, and reduce the strain on your lower back muscles. When you add this exercise to your routine, you encourage the pectoralis major muscle to develop which will strengthen your chest wall. Since a woman’s breast sit directly on top of this wall, not only will they have an appearance of being larger, but they will also be firmer, tighter and sit higher.

In order to lift the breast tissue, the postural muscles in your back and chest must be targeted and toned on a regular basis. When you add push ups to your workout regime your breast will look less droopy and have an improved profile. Pushups are the perfect exercise because they target both the back and the chest along with your shoulders and arms which gives your bust line the boost you need for a youthful appearance.

Pushups For Chest Toning

Breast are primarily made of fat so when you gain weight, your breast size increases due to the fat cells in the breast expanding. When you lose weight, have children, or age in general, the skin and fatty tissue in your chest area decreases and can begin to sag or slump. This sagging is purely due to the ligaments of your breast losing their elasticity, and there is no way to prevent this from occurring regardless of your age.

Doing push-ups will work directly on the muscle tissue behind your breast tissue, not on the actual breast mass, so you while you won’t see an increased size, you will be able to increase your muscle tone and tighten the area surrounding your breast. By toning the surrounding areas and working on the muscles behind your breast tissue, you will be able “lift” breast tissue that has begun to sag due to age, weight loss, or childbirth.

Pushups and Chest Exercises That Firm And Lift

If you have noticed your breast starting to sag, or if you just want to improve the look of your chest, there are a few exercises you can do at home to help lift, firm and tone your chest area. A lot of ladies pay special attention to cardio to burn fat and keep their heart healthy but skip on weight training due to the misconception that it will result in less than feminine bulk. Contrary to popular belief, spending time developing your chest muscles will firm and lift your breast without making you bulky.

The push up is a basic staple of just about every exercise routine thanks to how easy it is to perform without the need for any extra equipment. It’s a great way to naturally lift sagging breast due to weight loss, breastfeeding or aging.

How to Do A Push Up

To experience the benefits of a push up it is important to use proper form. To do a push up all you have to do is start by putting your hands a shoulders width apart while lying on the floor. Place your feet together while keeping your legs straight. Push your body up and extend your arms completely. If you are a beginner you can modify push ups by keeping knees bent and locked.

You should be balancing with your body forming a straight line on your toes, or on your knees if you are using the modified position. Breathe normally while you lower yourself to the floor, and back up to the starting position. Complete 3 to 5 sets of 10 reps daily for optimal results.

Here are a few other chest exercises that can help give your breast the natural lift you want, without even having to leave your house!

Push Up Alternatives

If you are not a fan of getting on the floor, or if you want to change it up from time to time, wall presses are the standing version of push ups that accomplish the same goal. Simply put your palms flat against the wall while keeping your arms straight. From this position, plant your feet in a firm position and bend your elbows. Slowly lower yourself towards the wall while keeping your feet together and legs straight. Repeat 8-10 sets of 20 reps daily for maximum results.

Get Your Dream Bust Line

Surgery isn’t the only way to get a perky breast lift, a proper diet supported with an appetite suppressant like Phen375 and following a targeted workout plan can give you fast results at no cost other than your time. For the best results commit to adding pushups to your daily exercise routine and watch your bustline lift and become more shapely right before your eyes.

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