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4 Reasons Boxing Helps You Reach Your Body Goals Faster

4 Reasons Boxing Helps You Reach Your Body Goals Faster

Everyone has body goals! Some are New Year’s resolutions to get in shape while others are up against a weight loss deadline for a special event and use appetite suppressants to support their efforts. You may even have personal goals you want to meet for no specific reason at all. If you have body goals for fat loss that you are trying to meet, then it’s a good idea to consider adding boxing to your workout routine to help you reach those goals faster.

Any fitness goal that requires you to burn calories is going to need to include cardio. The most common cardio trends are zoning out on the elliptical or passing lonely miles on the treadmill, but instead of the same old thing, an energetic boxing class is a great way to shortcut your cardio needs while hitting your body goals much earlier than expected.

Here are a few reasons a boxing fitness class can help you ramp up your progress and meet your goals.

Improved Body Composition

Most cardio classes help you burn calories which of course helps you lose weight. When you swap out your cardio class for a boxing class, not only will you lose fat but you will build muscle at the same time. When you combine this effort with a good diet plan , you see the positive changes in your whole body that will last.

There are so many types of boxing cycles that can be combined to make an effective workout. Finding the right combination that allows you to match your age and fitness level with a plan that will help mold your body is the next challenge. Most sports clubs offer boxing programs that allow you to train your body in a way specific to your needs; these programs are often headed by professional fitness gurus. Don’t let lack of immediate results deter you from moving forward, work with the experts to stay motivated and on your fitness regime.

Hand-Eye Coordination Improvement

Getting healthy has a lot of benefits aside from just looking fit and fabulous. Boxing targets all the muscles in your body, especially your hands and arms. The repetitive movements and actions boost your hand to eye coordination as well as improve your reflexes and response times.

One of the top reasons people cite for abandoning their fitness regime is that they haven’t seen the results they set out to achieve. Aside from the time factor, the body takes twice as long to burn fat than it does to store it. Move away from the habit of instant gratification, work hard, follow your boxing regime and you will see that the results show after a period of time.

High-Calorie Burn Exercise

Boxing engages your whole body, that means all of your muscle groups. You get a cardio and strength training combo that burns calories, increases your confidence and tones your muscles all at the same time.

The motivation you feel when starting a new fitness regime is just the push you need to get your metabolism into gear. To burn fat, a person needs to increase their heart rate to at least 60% but no more than 80% of the maximum rate. Your heart rate varies. Your maximum heart rate is calculated according to age, and you can use any of the online calculators or even in gym calculators to find your rate. Knowing your optimal rate is the best way to tailor your workout to hit that “fat burning” zone.

Commercials can convince us that working out at full throttle is the only way to get results, but in reality, a person can work out at a comfortable pace and still lose the pounds. This is one reason boxing fitness classes are a great way to boost your body goals. In addition, if you work out too hard, or too fast, your body will burn sugar instead of burning stored fat from other parts of your body.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to hold a simple conversation while you are working out. Moving too slow also won’t have a positive impact on your workout. Your heart rate needs to reach the minimums if you want to burn fat. The whole trick is finding that perfect balance of heart-pumping action that doesn’t tire your body within moments.

Always Entertaining

Take a look around your local gym and you will notice at least half of the people are walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike while reading the paper. Granted, taking it slow is an important part of a balanced workout, but you have to get in motion to optimize results. To lose fat from the areas you are targeting, you have to change your routine periodically to keep your muscles from “learning” your workout behavior. This takes commitment on your part and is well worth the trouble.

Start Boxing Today

Infusing your workout with fun additions like boxing can help you engage your entire body for faster results. Enroll in a local boxing class today!